Joan Nguyen

Head of BümoBrain

Head of BümoBrain

Having started a K-12 education company, Nguyen has a passion for education that has evolved tremendously. After graduating summa cum laude, Nguyen started a budding education service that grew into an INC5000 educational enterprise. In her former years, she worked with a wide range of students from all over the world in academic instruction, test preparation, and college admissions.

A well-known college consultant, Nguyen has placed some of the brightest students into the top universities, such as Stanford, Caltech, Yale, among many others. However, in recent years, Nguyen has been hyper-focused on the world of early childhood education.

As a mother of two toddlers, this intrigue transformed into a true passion for early childhood learning. Thus, Nguyen co-founded BümoBrain as a robust resource for parents and children who desire to learn through exploration, imagination, innovation, and creativity.

Education Advisory Board

Kai-leé Berke

Promise Venture Studios

Former CEO of
Teaching Strategies

Grant Hosford

CEO of codeSpark

Lieryn Johnson


B.A. Communication, Minor Spanish

Lieryn has 10 years of experience teaching in public school, private school, English language schools and even Spanish language schools (living abroad and Stateside). While she grew up with traditional schooling, she believes that virtual learning is the way of the future. She is a graduate of Aurora University with a B.A. in Communication and minor in Spanish.

She strives to create a low pressure environment in her classroom, building a rapport and showing personal interest in each student. One of her teaching philosophies is: don’t be afraid to make mistakes – that is how we learn and grow.

Andy Widell


B.A. Communications

Andy graduated from the State University of New York in 2010 with a Bachelors Degree in Communications. After a stint playing music professionally, he found his passion in educating and entertaining.

Andy’s love for music began as a child in New York. As a toddler, he got his first guitar, and it hasn’t been far from his side since. For the past five years Andy has worked with the company Kidville, an early education center where he specialized in music and gym for children ages six months to six years. In 2021, Andrew is scheduled to earn his California multi-subject elementary teaching credential. Andy can’t wait to join the team and meet all of the Bümo Buddies!

Dante Barsotti


B.A. History

Dante graduated Magna Cum Laude from California State University Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s degree in history. Before studying history, Dante attended Art Center College of Design, where he realized his true passion was education. 

Dante has spent the last six years working as a teacher at one of the top three independent schools in Los Angeles. He has taught everything from mathematics, science, geography, chess, ceramics, and Spanish. He loves being with students and expanding their horizons through education.

Joyce Kim


B.A. Psychology and Education Science

Being blessed with an array of different experiences, including being a preschool aid, mentor, tutor, and caregiver, these relationships inspired her to commit to a life overseeing the development of young students.

Joyce has recently graduated from the UC Irvine, where she double majored in Psychology and Education Science. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she is excited to begin her post-graduate life back at home where she can foster a strength-based learning environment that seeks to apply the multicultural backgrounds of students towards their achievement.

Eugenia Park


B.A. Liberal Studies, Elementary Education

Eugenia graduated from Biola University with a degree in Liberal Studies, Elementary Education with a concentration in Human Development. She has over 600+ hours of elementary fieldwork practicum and has a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.

After being an English teacher in Beijing, China, she became passionate about the education system and diversity inclusion. Eugenia hopes to empower and share her love for STEAM learning with the students and parents of BümoBrain Virtual School.

Rachel Wiggins


B.S.C. Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Rachel graduated from Santa Clara University with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. After graduating Rachel moved to New York City to work as an AmeriCorps Teaching Fellow.

Rachel taught at a school for at-risk girls in the East Village and her passion for equal and quality access for education grew even stronger! She hopes to empower her students to develop a love of learning and to make them unafraid to approach academic challenges. Rachel strives to make her classes a place students can feel comfortable, have fun, and learn!

Claire Williams


B.C.L, Concentration in French, Minor in Computer Science

Claire graduated from the University of Oregon on an accelerated Bachelor’s track. She has a degree in Comparative Literature, with a concentration in French, and a minor in Computer Science. A jack of all trades, everything she has pursued has somehow led her back to education, her unwavering passion.

Claire is currently studying Child Development with a keen interest in adapting online resources for children with exceptionalities. She hopes to spend the rest of her life not only teaching, but also learning!

Justin Pelen


B.S. Biology

Justin worked in public education before transitioning to the private sector as a director at an education company. Having graduated with a degree in Biology from the UC Riverside, he decided to pursue education over medicine.

Justin also has a passion for dance where he was a director of 909 Hip Hop Dance Troupe at UCR. Justin loves to teach children in funny and wacky ways through movement and dance that make learning truly enjoyable.

Catherine Lee


B.A. Political Science and Environmental Studies

Catherine is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Political Science and Environmental Studies. Throughout her time in college, she took on various roles as an educator for audiences ranging from kindergarten students to campus staff and faculty. She has taught a wide array of topics ranging from art history to college readiness to environmental justice
Catherine loves to learn from her students and continues to try new things in order to learn new skills. She is always looking for new ways improve her skills as an educator, listener, and storyteller.


Ling Meyer


B.A. Public Relations and Marketing

Ling received her B.A. from the University of Southern California in Public Relations and Marketing. Ling grew up up in Taipei, Taiwan, and came to California to pursue her education. She speaks three languages including Mandarin and Japanese.

Ling is dedicated to helping children. she was the executive producer for the Make-A-Wish foundation’s first ever “Walk for Wishes” charity event in Taiwan. she has been training to become a Mandarin teacher and is super excited to introduce her native language to her students. Ling’s wish is to connect the kids to the world by introducing them to foreign languages at a young age. 

Jackielyn Junio


Jackie’s early childhood education journey began at 13 as a Sunday school volunteer teacher’s assistant. Since then she’s been a preschool teacher and an administrator; she especially enjoyed her time learning the Montessori Method. She has also enjoyed coaching youth rugby and flag football.

Her combined experience in education, child development, and non-profit during the past nine years have allowed her to sharpen her skills in communications and management. The partnership between teachers and families are essential to student’s success. She hopes to be an advocate for both parties in order to achieve a more perfect classroom.

Hee Young Jo


B.A. in Psychology and Master of Arts in Teaching

Hee Young graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Master of Arts in Teaching. She has many years of diverse teaching experience in public schools, Tae Kwon Do schools, online and even abroad in the United Kingdom. 

Hee Young has a strong passion to teach children by building relationships and passing on her enthusiasm and curiosity to learn. As a versatile educator, Hee Young looks forward to creating an encouraging and nurturing environment for all of her BümoBuddies to learn and grow!

Vanessa Sun


B.A. Business, Minor Art History

Vanessa has been a long-time English and Mandarin tutor for elementary school children. Often referred to as “mom of the group” by her peers, she is passionate and dedicated to mentoring others (and feeding them with great food)! 

Vanessa received her B.A. from Brandeis University and is working towards a M.A. in Art Business at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art. A firm believer in the humanities and their positive impact on one’s early development, Vanessa is excited to share her knowledge and learn with our BümoBuddies!

Dante Barsotti


B.A. History

Dante graduated Magna Cum Laude from California State University Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s degree in history. Before studying history, Dante attended Art Center College of Design, where he realized his true passion was education. 

Dante has spent the last six years working as a teacher at one of the top three independent schools in Los Angeles. He has taught everything from mathematics, science, geography, chess, ceramics, and Spanish. He loves being with students and expanding their horizons through education.

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