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Paula Alexejew

University of Memphis, B.A. Political Science & International Affairs, Minor Foreign Languages

Paula believes that learning foreign languages not only unites us as human beings but also expands our knowledge and opens new doors for endless opportunities. After being raised in Mexico and having traveled far and wide, Paula developed a deep love for different cultures and languages. She has spent years mastering her language craft in Spanish, English, German, Russian, and Korean - which she now loves to share with her students. Paula graduated from the University of Memphis with a double BA in Political Science and International Affairs and a minor in Foreign Languages. She has taught Spanish as well as ESL in South Korea (in-person) and China (remote) for all age groups. Teaching 1st grade at a charter school in an underserved community in Houston ultimately encouraged and pushed Paula to continue teaching the leaders of tomorrow.

Paula's Classes

  • BumoBeats Espanol (1-3)

    Get an introduction to the Spanish Alphabet, letters, and numbers in between some fun Bumo songs!