Joan Nguyen

Head of Bümobrain Virtual School

Head of BümoBrain
Virtual School

Having started a K-12 education company, Nguyen has a passion for education that has evolved tremendously. After graduating summa cum laude, Nguyen started a budding education service that grew into an INC5000 educational enterprise. In her former years, she worked with a wide range of students from all over the world in academic instruction, test preparation, and college admissions.

A well-known college consultant, Nguyen has placed some of the brightest students into the top universities, such as Stanford, Caltech, Yale, among many others. However, in recent years, Nguyen has been hyper-focused on the world of early childhood education.

As a mother of two toddlers, this intrigue transformed into a true passion for early childhood learning. Thus, Nguyen co-founded bümo as a robust resource for parents and children who desire to learn through exploration, imagination, innovation, and creativity.


Kai-leé Berke

CEO of Teaching Strategies

Grant Hosford

CEO of codeSpark

Rachel Wiggins

Education Associate at BVS

B.S. Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Rachel graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. She has spent the past year in New York, serving as an AmeriCorp Teaching Fellow working in an underserved school community for at-risk girls.

Her first-hand teaching experience has made her passionate about the educational needs that children today face. Rachel is excited to be part of such an innovative and dynamic company and cannot wait to connect with students and families.

Annie Slater

Education Coordinator at BVS

Masters in Education

Annie taught middle school mathematics for six years at various independent schools in the Los Angeles area. As the math department chair and Director of Partnership of Success, Annie sought to develop student-centered curriculum that sparked curiosity and collaboration.

Annie received her B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of Southern California and her M. Ed from the University of San Diego. Her research focused on the benefits of integrating mindfulness and meditation into the classroom.

Brittany Williams

Teacher at BVS

B.L.S. Global Studies

Brittany graduated with a degree in Liberal Studies and concentration in Global Studies. She decided to pursue her love of education by gaining her teaching credentials. Most recently, she has been teaching in a second grade class in the Santa Barbara area.

While her greatest passion in life is working with children, her second greatest passion is traveling and immersing herself in different cultures around the world. Some of her other hobbies include boxing, hiking, and reading a good book at the beach.

Michelle Delano

Teacher at BVS

Masters Early Elementary Education

Masters Early
Elementary Education

Michelle works in public education as a kindergarten teacher. She has been teaching for three years and is currently the team chair of her grade level. Teaching has been a life-long passion of hers, since she was in kindergarten, and she takes pride in continuing her father’s teaching legacy.

Michelle graduated with honors from Virginia Commonwealth University with a master’s degree in early elementary education. Michelle loves to teach children in an all-inclusive way that incorporates movement and kinesthetic learning into every lesson!

Anna Elias

Teacher at BVS

Bachelors in Liberal Studies

Anna Graduated with a degree in Liberial Studies from Westmont College and then received her credential in Multiple Subjects from Loyola Marymount University. She has taught lower elementary for the past two years and loves the unique learning opportunities in young scholars, especially though singing, play based learning and art.

Anna grew up in Asmara, Eritrea and it was during her time at the Asmara international Community School that she found a love of learning and a love of leadership in an educational setting. Anna has a lifelong passion for education!

Alyson Haigh

Teacher at BVS

Bachelors in Liberal Studies, Minor History

Alyson graduated with a degree in Liberal Studies and a history minor from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. Alyson has taught third grade in the public school system for the past two years. She also has experience teaching 1st and 5th grade.

Her hope is that all students thrive in a safe, respectful and encouraging environment and to challenge kids to think critically. Alyson has been successful in teaching students from many different cultures, ethnicities and linguistic backgrounds. In 2016, Alyson spent time teaching English in Qingdao, China.

Lieryn Johnson

Teacher at BVS

B.A. Communication, Minor Spanish

B.A. Studio Art
Emphasis Graphic Design

Lieryn has 10 years’ experience teaching in public school, private school, English language schools and even Spanish language schools (living abroad and Stateside). While she grew up with traditional schooling, she believes that virtual learning is the way of the future. She is a graduate of Aurora University with a B.A. in Communication and minor in Spanish.

She strives to create a low pressure environment in her classroom, building a rapport and showing personal interest in each student.One of her teaching philosophies is: don’t be afraid to make mistakes – that is how we learn and grow.

Arlene Alvarez

Teacher at BVS

B.S. in Mathematics

Arlene’s biggest passion is teaching & education. She graduated with a Mathematics degree from UC Riverside. She is currently working on her teaching credential to become a math teacher. Building a strong bond with her students is super important to her!

She has volunteered and worked in preschools, elementary schools, middle schools & high schools as an assistant teacher, associate teacher & instructor/tutor. Education has always been a HUGE part of Arlene’s life — teaching runs in her family!

Joyce Kim

Teacher's Assistant at BVS

B.S. Psychology and Education Science

Being blessed with an array of different experiences, including being a preschool aid, mentor, tutor, and caregiver, these relationships inspired her to commit to
a life overseeing the development of young students.

Joyce has recently graduated from the UC Irvine, where she double majored in Psychology and Education Science. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she is excited to begin her post-graduate life back at home where she can foster a strength-based learning environment that seeks to apply the multicultural backgrounds of students towards their achievement.

Justin Pelen

Teacher's Assistant at BVS

B.S. Biology

Justin worked in public education before transitioning to the private sector as a director at an education company.

Having graduated with a degree in Biology from the University of California, Riverside, Justin decided to pursue education over medicine. Justin loves to teach children in funny and whacky ways that make learning truly enjoyable.