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Real Mom Talk: The BumoBrain Impact

Written By Your Friends at BümoBrain.

"I understand that it may not work for everyone, but considering how every child has a different or preferred method of learning, it’s definitely worth a try!"


Q: How did you discover BumoBrain?

A: I first heard about BumoBrain from seeing Jessi Malay post about it with her daughter! I noticed they offered classes for younger kids.. so I was intrigued!

Q: How long has Isla been learning with BumoBrain?

A: Our first experience with BumoBrain started since September 2020, when Isla was just under 2 years old.

Q: What were your top 3 go-to’s for homeschooling Isla?

A: 1. We love doing flashcards! 2. I don’t follow a particular curriculum, but I purchase a lot of different educational workbooks from the $1 section from Target & also, from Amazon. 3. BumoBrain!

Q: Which class is Isla’s favorite?

A: I think anything involving music will always grab her attention!

Q: Who is Isla’s favorite BumoBrain Teacher?

A: Considering he sings all of the songs she’s familiar with, Mr. Andy is her current fave!

Q: How has BumoBrain impacted Isla’s development over the course of her learning with BumoBrain?

A: So much changes in a child’s development when they are young. Over a course of just a few months, you can gradually see Isla grow, not just physically, but emotionally & socially through her classes with BumoBrain. She’s getting better at answering questions & just more interactive overall!

Q: What is your favorite part about BumoBrain as a busy working parent?


A: I love the many different options of different classes & subjects we can choose from! Whether it’s signing up for a dance class or a class where you learn about dinosaurs, the options are endless!

Q: What would you share with parents who are skeptical of virtual learning and parents who have not tried BumoBrain?

A: I think you have to give it a chance. I understand that it may not work for everyone, but considering how every child has a different or preferred method of learning, it’s definitely worth a try!

Q: What other classes/programs would you like to see from Bumo in the future?

A: I think BumoBrain does a great job with including lots of different classes already. 

Q: How do you foresee integrating BumoBrain with Isla’s early education as schools/daycares are starting to open back up?

A: I think implementing BumoBrain in tandem with traditional learning & early education will only allow more opportunities for students to learn, explore, communicate & engage. There’s no one way to teach, just like how there’s no one sure way a child learns, so I definitely see us continuing with BumoBrain to broaden that spectrum when Isla starts attending school in the future.

Q: What is one thing you cannot live without as a parent? (aka. you swear by this and tell all your mommy friends about it!)

A: I’m going to say, ALEXA. We seriously talk to Alexa everyday. She’s also on almost 90% of the day, playing yet another Disney song on repeat. She sets our timers, tells us the weather, & is actually Isla’s white noise during sleep time!

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